Conference & Training Sessions

Sunday, 11/5: Arrive and Welcome Reception (5:00pm - 8:30pm)
Monday, 11/6 and Tuesday, 11/7: Conference Sessions
Wednesday, 11/8 and Thursday, 11/9: Hands-on Training

Tuesday, 11/7 - Conference Sessions 



Tues 11/7 | 7:00am - 8:00am




Keynote Spotlight

Tues 11/7  | 8:00am - 8:30am
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Adept Product Roadmap Including Adept Cloud

Tues 11/7  | 8:30am - 10:00am

Join us for an engaging session on the future roadmap of Adept. During this 90-minute session, Randy Nettles (Product Owner), Pranay Patel (Director of DevOps & Cloud Engineering), and Todd Cummings (VP of R&D), will provide a comprehensive overview of the upcoming milestones and initiatives that will shape the evolution of Adept.

In this session, you will gain exclusive insights into the exciting developments planned for Adept, starting from the Summer '23 release and extending into the future, including 2024 and beyond. Our development leadership team will guide you through the transformational journey of Adept as it moves towards the future.

Discover the power of Adept Cloud, the highly anticipated SaaS version of Adept with a new dimension for interacting with your data. Our speakers will outline the strategic roadmap for transitioning Adept to the cloud and provide in-depth insights into the underlying cloud architecture. Learn about the numerous benefits and value that the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of Adept brings, offering enhanced functionalities, improved accessibility, and improved collaboration.

Additionally, gain valuable knowledge about our plans to enhance workflows and enable concurrent engineering as part of the forthcoming Adept 12.0 release. Our speakers will discuss the strategies and advancements in these areas, showcasing how Adept 12.0 will drive new opportunities for growth and expansion in your organization.

The session will also include an interactive Q&A segment, allowing you to actively participate, share your thoughts, and seek clarifications on the future of Adept. Engage with our speakers and be a part of shaping the path forward.

randyn-schpic   pranay-schpic  toddc-schpic
Randy Nettles, Product Owner; Pranay Patel, Director of DevOps and Cloud Engineering; Todd Cummings, VP of R&D


Break & Networking

Tues 11/7  |  10:00am - 10:30am



Building Product Vision

Tues 11/7  | 10:30am - 11:15am

Welcome to the highly anticipated Technical Roundtable Discussion with Synergis Leaders, focused on building the product vision for Adept. In this session, you'll have the unique opportunity to engage directly with a Synergis product manager or highly ranked technical expert, who will dedicate 45 minutes to gathering your input on Adept and providing answers to all your questions in a more intimate setting.

Considered one of the standout highlights of previous Adept Experiences, the Technical Roundtable discussions provide a small group environment that fosters open sharing of ideas, with the ultimate goal of optimizing your use of Adept.

Are you curious about how product management prioritizes new features? Do you want to understand how your ideas can truly influence the development team? Perhaps you have a burning idea that you're eager to share. This session will give you the latitude to explore innovative ways to enhance your use of Adept and discover potential solutions to challenges you may be facing.


Adept Full Product Demo with Q&A

Tues 11/7  | 10:30am - 12:00pm

Prepare to immerse yourself in a captivating Adept demo that will showcase the full range of features and capabilities in a small group environment. Join our demo maestro extraordinaire, Craig Schuler, for an information-packed 45-minute session that will leave you equipped with a comprehensive understanding of Adept's potential.

During this demo, Craig will guide you through the fundamentals and advanced capabilities of Adept, ensuring you have a solid grasp of its core features. From searching and viewing documents to version control, workflows, transmittals, and the Adept CAD task pane, you'll take in the full breadth of Adept's offerings.

But that's not all! In addition to the essential, Craig will also unveil his pro tips and shortcuts for working smarter and faster with Adept. Whether you're a newcomer seeking a comprehensive introduction to the latest version of Adept or a seasoned user looking for a refresher, this breakout session is for you. Take advantage of this opportunity to stay up-to-date and enhance your skills with Adept.

Craig Schuler, Solutions Architect at Synergis Software



Customer Spotlight: Con Edison

Mon 11/6  |  11:15am - 12:00pm

"Navigating the Path to Unified Teams, Data, and Processes with Adept"

Join Melissa Chiotis, Manager at Con Edison for an insightful session on the successful implementation and expansion of the Adept engineering document management solution at Con Edison. Her presentation provides valuable ideas about how Adept has impacted Con Edison's document management processes, starting with the original implementation at Central Engineering (CENG) group, and extending to the Gas and Electric group with its diverse departments and user roles. Along the way Adept has served as a catalyst to foster a culture of collaboration among users and helped streamline processes across the entire organization.

One of the highlights of the presentation will be a discussion of new Adept projects at Con Edison, including the wide-scale rollout of Adept to hundreds of users in Gas and Electric. Melissa will share invaluable best practices and lessons learned from these projects, enabling attendees to acquire practical takeaways that can be applied to their own document management initiatives.

Melissa Chiotis, Manager, Con Edison



Wed 11/8 | 12:00pm - 1:15pm



Customer Panel

Tues 11/7  | 1:15pm - 2:00pm

One of most popular sessions, discover actionable insights, proven strategies, and real-world experiences from our customer panel. Hear from four Adept leaders across diverse industries as they share their insights into streamlining operations, maximizing efficiencies, and achieving remarkable outcomes. We will explore the latest trends and untapped opportunities to unlock the full potential of Adept for your organization. Don't miss this invaluable session to drive adoption, growth, and expansion with Adept.




Hidden Treasure: Jewels of Wisdom from the Adept Technical Team

Tues 11/7  | 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Want to unearth hidden gems and wisdom from our technical experts? Brace yourself for a high-energy session that will take your Adept expertise to all new heights.

This session will reveal insider secrets and strategies that will help you improve and expand Adept throughout your organization. Prepare to dive deep into Adept's top support issues and gain insider tips on optimizing performance using its cutting-edge performance tool. Our presenters will guide you through a treasure of best practices, ensuring a healthy Adept environment and equipping you with expert advice for seamless recovery through intelligent settings backup.

Other topics include leveraging the Adept File System dashboard, enhancing your search results with advanced search criteria and FileGuide views, audit trail reports, printing and exporting PDFs, and building a compelling business case for new features. After each topic, you’ll have the chance to engage in a lively rapid-fire Q&As. Be prepared with questions!

glenda-schpic  darin-schpic
Glenda Betit, Customer Experience Architect; Darin Green, Adept Helpdesk Manager

Adept Add-On Demonstrations

Tues 11/7  | 2:00pm - 2:30pm
PublishWave, Multi-Version Handler, and Approval Signature Validation

Join us for a full-on demonstration of two of Adept’s most popular add-ons: Adept PublishWave and the Multi-Version Handler. Learn how PublishWave helps you generate high-quality PDF output from applications like AutoCAD, MicroStation, SolidWorks, Inventor, Word, and Excel. You’ll also learn PublishWave generates workflow-driven or on-demand publishing in single or batch mode and has output options to Adept, network folders, or multiple destinations.

With the Adept Multi-Version Stacker allows you to easily combine duplicates and renamed versions into one document set with a single file name and a proper version history. Learn how you can review and reorder the relevant documents to stack the versions correctly. Additionally, you will see how the add-on always finds the latest version with access to the complete version history.

Craig Schuler, Solutions Architect at Synergis Software


Break & Networking

Tues 11/7  |  3:00pm - 3:30pm



Unlock Your Potential: Strategies from the Customer Success Team

Tues 11/7  | 3:30pm - 4:15pm




Tues 11/7  | 4:15pm
(Hands-On Training Wednesday and Thursday)